Strapline: Searching for a preschool for your toddler is a tedious task. Here are a few guidelines to help you get through it and find the school your tiny tot would love.

It is that time of the year again! Parents are frantic searching for the right preschool for their tiny tot. To help them and control their frenzy here are some suggestions while look for schools.

Know the school: While researching, know about the school. Though your search will be thorough, word of mouth recommendation, references or reviews are important. People can tell you their first-hand experience which will help you in narrowing down the search and zeroing on the best preschool. Research about the history of the school, the staff, curriculum and other activities conducted in the school.

Educational structure and curriculum: While enquiring about the preschools in Pune, check out their curriculum and their teaching philosophies. Is the school completely academic or do they have some development programs. Schools have varied teaching techniques like Montessori, Waldorf or Reggio-Emilia.

Teaching staff: A teacher has to be qualified, but more important is their connection with the children. A teacher should bond with the children and make them feel safe. Once the children trust their teachers and form a connection, they can start learning and enjoying it. A good teacher helps the children to socialize with others and their overall development.

Extra activities: Preschools should have a lot of extra activities and playtime for kids. Physical activity is essential for their development. Also, indoor plays like stringing beads, play dough, painting helps their hand skills. Also, kindergartens in Pune involve the children in games and puzzles which assists the children in exploring their creativity.

Disciplinary policy: It is critical to be well versed with the discipline methods used in the preschool. Ask the teacher what approach they use during any trouble or problem arises. Make sure you are comfortable with the methods they use in school. Also, make sure the school applauds the positive behaviour of your child.

Food: Enquire with the school whether they provide food or do you have to send it from home. If they give it at school, ask what kind of food they provide, and check whether it will fulfil the nutritional needs of your child. Also, if you finalize the school, inform them of any allegories you child has.

Location and safety: Check out the location of the preschool, whether the school is close to your home or office. This way you know you can reach your child in case of an emergency. Just like that, safe environment for the child should be the first priority.

Check if the school has all the safety precautions in place. Check the play area while you visit the school. A child should be protected and secure in the school.