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Our specially designed DIVINE HEARTS playgroup program is very flexible and takes into account each child’s individual needs. Where possible the toddler’s day includes activities such as painting, sticking and messy play to develop their creative skills. The toddlers have the benefits of a stimulating room with varied, age-appropriate play equipment.
These include: Soft play toys, shape sorters, and heuristic and sensory play to encourage Co-ordination and social skills. We also provide sit and ride toys, tunnels, balls etc, to encourage walking and gross motor development.

It appears that research is now supporting what DIVINE HEARTS has been advocating. That is, positive early experiences forge the foundations for lifelong learning and behavior. We help in Optimizing Early Brain and Motor Development of our toddlers through movements viz- Fine Motor Skills (FMS), which include finger and hand movements that encourage toddlers in many different ways in order for them to progress in their eye-hand co-ordination. Activities ranging from finger painting, pincher grip, picking up finger foods and sensory manipulation of play-dough are incorporated as a part of their daily routine.

Gross Motor Skills and Bodily Awareness

Children should enjoy and have fun developing their gross motor skills. We recommend that your child gets one to two hours a day of physical activity and our belief is their gross motor skills are developing just fine!

While crawling, standing and walking are incredibly important skills to develop, there are other areas that are developed through gross motor skills that are imperative.

  1.  Balance- stand on one foot, climb stairs, kick, squat, run, climb, roll, stack etc.
  2.  Body Awareness- posture and control of one’s body
  3. Laterality- awareness and coordination of one’s right and left side of body
  4. Spatial Awareness- one’s body position in relation to objects, space and people so they don’t bump into objects or people
  5.  Major Muscle Coordination- ride a tricycle or use pedal toys, throw and catch balls, shaping clay/playdough, etc.





Personal, Social and Emotional Development

DIVINE HEARTS provides the opportunity for children to learn how to relate to adults and other children. They learn to co-operate and share and have responsibility and consideration for other people, their cultures and beliefs. We foster independence, but ensure that the child also knows when to ask for help. Children from an early age are curious about people, places, animals, plants and everything about them. We teach them to care for one another as well as the environment, simple sharing activities, saying goodbye, taking turns. These simple activities are key for the later years, when children are developmentally ready to share.

Age group                           : 2 to 3 years ( 24 Months to 36 Months)
Teacher– Student Ratio  : 1 : 10
Timing for the Class          : 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.