The DIVINE HEARTS Kindergarten program is designed for young people, who are ready for a full day program; who demonstrate maturity and intellectual curiosity; and who exhibit a readiness and eagerness for a fuller academic program. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment within which the developmental needs of each child will be met. Readiness skills will be strengthened prior to entry into the formal education system. We recognize the uniqueness of each child. The pace of learning may differ from student to student, but all children will be guided uniformly to reach their greatest potential – cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Communication and Language Development

Children are given a greater opportunity to read through story-books, picture books with a sequence, environmental print. They are encouraged to participate in dramas and storytelling sessions to develop their pre reading skills. Pre-writing skills are encouraged through a range of worksheets and lots of activities in their daily routine.




Social and Emotional Development

Child’s social and emotional skills will play a part in every area of his life as he grows. He’ll have a strong foundation if he starts to manage his own feelings, understand others’ emotions and interact positively with others. child will start to accept compromise when resolving conflict, if it’s suggested by an adult.
The programme is designed keeping in mind the growing social and emotional needs of the child by involving them in activities that increase a children’s independence, allow them to become more confident in their abilities, and prompt them to play a responsible role in their classroom community.

Physical Development

We focus on gross motor skills, which strengthen the large muscle groups of the body, including arms and legs. Gross motor skills include jumping; kicking, throwing and catching a ball, balancing on balance beam. Etc.
Fine motor skills, which include the smaller muscle groups, such as fingers and hands, through finger painting, sculpting with clay, and doing finger plays.

Logic and Thinking

Through learning centers and daily life activities the 4 year olds are introduced to the world of numbers and quantities. They are encouraged to solve number problems that include grouping and sorting through play and structured activities.

Knowledge and Understanding of the world

As the 4 year olds develop a greater understanding of the world at large they are provided with an environment and opportunities that builds on their curiosity and encourages them to ask more questions about living things and other objects in their surroundings. They are provided with hands on opportunities to explore colours, animals, plants, weather and so many generic concepts like big and small, long and short and much more.


Here children are allowed to now experiment with a variety of material and media. They now explore and experience using a range of senses and movement. They Express and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using a widening range of materials, suitable tools, imaginative and role-play, movement, designing and making, and a variety of songs and musical instruments.

Age group                         : 4 to 5 years (48 Months to 60 Months)
Teacher – Student ratio : 1 : 10
Timing for the class         : 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.