It is important for children to have experiences individually and in group with other children.
Kids need to explore their own interests and abilities.Allow them to think in a controlled environment conducive for new ideas and concepts.

At Divine Hearts Activity Club we give our angels plenty of opportunities to explore, like

  • Dance
  • Art n Craft
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Yoga
  • Story telling
  • Books Library
  • Calligraphy
  • Jolly Phonics club
  • I – Math Learning
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • Sanskar Varga and much more fun.

We also have a computer course for young children in our E – Kidz


As we all know music is devoid of cultural, social, ethnic barriers. Every culture in the world has its form of music. Be it modern science our neuroscience or spiritualism, they all endorse the importance of music in life.

We at DIVINE HEARTS PRESCHOOL & DAY HOME help kids tap their latent potential at an early age and move into a creative space. It has been studied that music has a positive impact on academics especially reading and mathematics skills.

  • Music at an early age increases the spirit of togetherness among kids.
  • Makes kids more resilient.
  • Music soothes and strengthens the nervous system.
  • Bolsters the cognitive ability and EQ of kids.


Our exciting PIANO program includes one on one lesson in a child-centered format. This helps in inducing musical understanding and deeper interest in music.
Studies have shown that kids who learn PIANO in early years have benefitted in high concentration, fine motor skills, high creativity etc.


We enroll kids above 5 years for this class. Our music instructors are certified & are highly adept in teaching various age groups. They constantly endeavor to have a positive, effervescent, conducive environment while having exhaustive music sessions.
We also teach instruments like TABLA, FLUTE AND DRUMS apart from the aforementioned ones.
Besides Preschoolers, we have separate music sessions for other AGE GROUPS (5yrs to 70yrs), Working professionals, Housewives who have a penchant for music and are keen to learn.


Children of all ages love to paint, and DIVINE HEARTS PRESCHOOL provides ample opportunities to do so, even though it sometimes is effort intensive.
Painting activities for kids range from the simplest painting with a brush or hands.
We have many painting projects and ideas for inspiration of our kids, many of which can be done by kids even at home.
The advantages of painting in early years for kids are multifold.

  1. Therapeutic-Paint is an age old activity. It enhances children’s creativity as it enthralls them and captivates their interest.
  2. Sensory integration is fostered.
  3. Development of hand- eye co-ordination is supported.
  4. Children’s self-expressions are strengthened in a non-prescriptive way.
  5. It is an excellent way of creating shared art work with kids as it brings kids together and creates a team spirit.
  6. Kids love painting as it is messy.

We have over 50 different types of painting techniques which let kids explore the creative process and express themselves, some of them are

Finger Painting
Bud Painting
Sponge Painting
Hand Painting