“We adore your child as much as you do”

DIVINE HEARTS  believes that the initial  years of life are an  essential time for your child’s development. We endeavor to provide every kid with a safe, secure, congenial environment.

What Parents Say

  • First of all let me congratulate you and your team at divine hearts for providing such a fulfilling, warm and loving environment for the kids. Leaving your kid at the day care for almost 9 hours is quite a tough decision, with a lot of dilemma involved. I really feel good about putting Aryav in Divine Hearts.I really appreciate the various activities, new skills and learning methods that you have invested in. I also like the fact that Aryav has picked up good manners and courtesy like saying thank you, and loves playing and interacting with the kids as well as elders. The day care staff has been doing good, Also taking care of small things like refilling the sipper when kids travel back will go a long way. In all and all, I am very satisfied with the day care and would definitely recommend it to any parent.
    Aryav’s mom
  • Enrolling my kid with Divine Hearts has been best and wise decision for my little one.From  the day one when he started he has been willing going here. A very friendly management and faculty for parents and a comfortable, safe,cozy ,playful and the most important loveable environment for my child.Thanks Deepali mam and all the faculty for taking so much pains for our little ones and understanding each concern of child and parent.
    Mantua Nath
    Arjun’s mom
  • Traditionally grandparents are averse to enrolling their grandkids to daycare centers or preschools. I was one of them. After enrolling my granddaughter there was a radical transformation in my perception. Divine Hearts Preschool & Day home runs various activities for all age groups with a high learning curve. Not to forget the homely sumptuous meals they serve the kids keeping in mind their daily needs for overall growth and development.
    I highly recommend DIVINE HEARTS for parents who are on a look out for a good Preschool / Day care in and around Aundh/Baner.
    I thank Mrs. Deepali and staff for their wholehearted co-operation.
    Suniti Inamdar
    Iha’s grandmother
  • I am very happy with the services provided by Divine hearts Team. All the teachers and staff is really friendly. Irrespective of number of times you call in day to ask about your kid, they always reply in a very polite and friendly way. My daughter loves her day care. She enjoys there a lot. One thing which I like about the day care, is the cleanliness and actively participation from staff in grooming your kid in to a better person.

    Thanks Aditi Shekhawat

    Naisha’s mom
  • Best Care for little one is when they start and end their day Happily. And Happiness comes from surrounding, environment and mainly happy and enthusiastic people around. Divine hearts Day Home is definitely all of this ! Lot of enthusiasm, happiness, activity, food and best care. Once my baby is with Divine hearts, I can forget all my worries, about him and relax myself and focus on work. Thanks Divine Hearts team for great efforts and care for my little one “Shaurya”. Rgds sapna k
    Shaurya’s mom
  • The kind of atmosphere Divine hearts Pre-school & Day Care is offering for my kid is unparallel. He went there with a smiling face and back in same wave. The kind of activities conducted there and the way kids are learning our culture and values are awesome; this way simply exceeded expectations. The nice gesture of all over there make my kid feel at home and make us relaxed too. A big thank to all of you. Hats off to the nice work… Hope this goes on and on… All the very best. God bless!
    Shivansh’s dad


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Jungle party

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Gandhi Jayanti

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Yellow Day

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Dahihundi Celebration

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Rakshabandhan Celebration

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Independence Day Celebration

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Pateti Celebration

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Friendship Day Celebration

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Red day celebration

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Eid celebration

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Academic session starts


Vedic Maths Classes

Vedic Maths Classes

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to a supposedly ancient system of calculation which was “rediscovered” from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji.



As we all know ABACUS is a manual aid to calculating, that consists of beads or desks that can be moved and up and down on a series of sticks or strings.

Indoor and Outdoor plays

Indoor and Outdoor plays

There is nothing adorable than watching our divine kids play various sports like Cricket, Football, Running, Hopping, Skipping, Cycling, Climbing ladders, Obstacle races, Tunnels , Ball pools , Slides, Chess, Carom, Blocks etc. Our staff is passionate in teaching our kids the basic sport fundamentals to include physical fitness. Divine Hearts Preschool endeavors to incorporate basic team building skills

Craft Activities

Craft Activities

Young children are eager learners. But due to their limited language, they learn more from hands-on experiences rather than from verbal instruction. They learn by moving, touching, exploring, discovering — using their five senses and movement as they learn about their expanding world. Divine hearts provide ample opportunities to our little angels.

Age Appropriate Art

Age Appropriate Art

Children of all ages love to paint, and DIVINE HEARTS PRESCHOOL provides ample opportunities to do so, even though it sometimes is effort intensive.

Music Classes

Music Classes

As we all know music is devoid of cultural, social, ethnic barriers. Every culture in the world has its form of music. Be it modern science our neuroscience or spiritualism, they all endorse the...
Classical and Bollywood Dance

Classical and Bollywood Dance

Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Children learn movement patterns as readily as they learn language. Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of...
Coaching Classes

Coaching Classes

DIVINE HEARTS firmly believes in the thought that “Every child is unique”. We customize our teaching to suit individual learning needs and maneuver our students to take on bigger challenges in their life without fretting. We impart value education to our students.

Teachers Training Courses

Teachers Training Courses

Nursery Teachers Training Course (NTT), Early Childhood Teachers Training Course